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When is it best to book?

As soon as possible! Dates can book up quickly. The sooner you reach out to us the better chance you have of locking in the character, date, and time that you prefer!

Can I make special requests? 

Absolutely! We will always do our best to accommodate any special requests that could make your event extra special! Maybe you have a special gift you'd like the character to present to the birthday child, or a game that you'd like the character to lead, just let us know!

Outdoor Events

We love a good outdoor event! We also know that Northwest Indiana weather can be tricky. Please be conscious of the temperature, muddy areas, or strong winds, as these can be harmful to our performers and their costuming! If possible, have a back-up area for the event that is out of the harmful weather.

How long of an event should I book?

30 minute visits: Best for smaller groups of children and/or younger children. 

45 minute visits: Best for a mixed age group, 5-10 children. 

60 minute visit: Best for larger groups (11+ children) of mixed or older ages and highly interactive groups. 

Of course, these are only recommendations! 

Planning tips to help your event run smoothly: 

  • ​Have children eat before or after the visit.

  • We love to be present for singing Happy Birthday! We suggest to save that for the last 5-10 minutes of the event so the performer can depart while cake is being enjoyed. 

  • Try to limit other distractions during the character visit (such as a bounce house, water activities, etc.)

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